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  Susanna Inglada  

"I create dark scenes, characters, symbols, which together make a work of associations, fragmented in the space. Then I connect one piece to the other to create a certain ‘message’. This message contains feelings, which a viewer can read in a language that doesn’t have rules. In my installations, I relate to how I experience, see and interpret the world. I increase the sense of abstraction by mixing actions and expressions. I give leadership to the characters by eliminating or minimalizing the background into a black shape. They get eliminated from the places where they belong, opening doors to interpretations. I am inspired by Spanish culture, history and politics.Violence and cruelty are topics that intrigue me. In the moment when a violent act occurs, we try to avoid seeing it but our eyes still try to watch it. Perversion persists within the human and this intrigues me. Francisco Goya is my ‘artistic grandfather’. Important sources of inspiration are movies from David Lynch, Luis Buñuel, Lars von Trier and the book The Uncanny by Mike Kelley. Sometimes I like to give importance to the viewer. I am constantly talking to people I will never meet. I think about how I want them to discover a piece. This way of creating has similarities with the way choreographers work."

Susanna graduated at the University of Barcelona and received an MFA from Frank Mohr Institute (FMI in collaboration with University Rug, Groningen and Hunter College, New York) in 2013.

Most recenly she had a solo show at the Museum Kunsthal Rotterdam and group shows with Prospects and Concepts from Mondriaan Fonds in the Art Rotterdam Fair and at Drawing Center in Diepenheim.  
  Installation view, Museum Kunsthal Rotterdam, 2016  
  Installation view, Prospects and Concepts from Mondriaan Fonds in the Art Rotterdam Fair 2016  
  Installation view, Drawing Center in Diepenheim, 2016