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Marcel Kollen is a Rotterdam based documentary photographer. He developed his passion for photography through his many travels. He sees beauty in everyday life and tries to capture this. After studying at the Fotoacademie of Rotterdam he took several masterclasses given by Magnum photographers (Magnum is the world’s best known agency for documentary photography). Marcel Kollen has had many publications and participated in a lot of expositions since 2012 (i.a. ART week Rotterdam). He works as a freelance photographer for museums (i.a. Kunsthal) and organizations (i.a. Parkpop, Motel Mozaique en Museumnacht). In 2014 Kollen was nominated by GUP magazine (Guide of Unique Photography) as one of the most promising Dutch photographers.

Furthermore Marcel Kollen works on long term projects. In 2014 and 2015 he released two books about contemporary pop music in the cities Rotterdam and The Hague. The last part of this series, OFF Amsterdam, will be released by the end of 2016. Currently Kollen’s project Rough City, about Rotterdam as a metropole is exhibited in the city center (until the 26th of june). He is also working on Cultural Change, a project in which he captures the many faces of youth culture in Dordrecht.