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Herma Klijnstra is drawing according to certain set­ups in the studio. This set up is usually a 3 dimensional situation, a kind of still life. This still life is drawn from several points of view and in several techniques. Oil transfer is one of the techniques often used. What the manual tells the mental while drawing and observing is central in the work.  Observation liberates the hand from too much control by the mind and helps to create new insight in ideas (mental concepts). The drawings that emerge confuse the ideas and make them at the same time clearer. They cause changes in understanding and approach. 
The material experience gives another kind of information then the kind thinking provides for. It is a productive triangle between hand, eye and the emerging object in the drawing. To give an example: for a while the hinge was the drawn object. If you want the door to turn, the hinges must stay put. At this moment the Baroque fold is an important theme.

Herma Klijnstra studied fine arts in Groningen. She was involved in several artist initiatives.  She finished her philosophy study in phenomenology in Utrecht and did a post doctorate at the Jan van Eijck academy, Maastricht, a unique place where theory and praxis is combined.  

The hinge,

70 x 100 cm, oil tranfer on paper