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  Giuseppe Licari was born in Sicily and is currently based in Rotterdam.
He studied Painting at the Academy of fine Arts in Bologna and Monumental Art at AKI Enschede, in the Netherlands. His work focuses on the cross-border of the natural world and the built environment, exploring the territories emerging from their encounters. His heterotopic landscapes constitute places of memories, in which the emotions of single individuals become inevitably part of a collective experience. Licari has been the recipient of significant grants including: the Starter Stipendium and the Work Budget by Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam, the O&O fellowship by CBK Rotterdam and residency grants at Iaspis Stockholm and at Badgast Den Haag. He has been a collaborator in several on site research projects with the Historisch Museum Rotterdam, the TU Delft and the Politecnico of Milan. His works have been exhibited internationally, including New Holland St. Petersburg, UAB Visual Arts Gallery at Birmingham USA, Tent Rotterdam and Action Field Kodra Thessaloniki.  


Secret Gardens, Tent Rotterdam 2012.
A site-specific installation with trees' roots.
Ceiling construction, trees' roots, halogen lamps.


Il Giardino delle Mele d'Oro (The Garden of the Golden Apples)

2025 Future Environment Human, Ex Cartiera Latina, Rome, Italy 2015.
Site-specific installation with three towers, each 100 x 300 cm. Concrete blocks, orange and lemon trees, wood.


Becoming the Landscape 2014-2015

Crumbling bread head. Photo 40 x 60 cm - Lambda print on aluminum dibond and perspex.
Series of 5 plus 2 AP.