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  Ariane Trümper  

Ariane Trümper is a Rotterdam based scenographic artist working from a multidisciplinary approach. Her works thematize the experience and perception of ourselves in digital and physical spaces. Ariane mostly creates site specific installation often using camera's and other media. Originally studying fashion design in Berlin out of an interest in visual communication and in sensory signals influencing us every day, Ariane moved to France after graduation and started working for the movies. This experience influenced her artistic practice crucially and she started creating her own art works. In 2012 she moved to the Netherlands to study Scenography - the perception of space - at the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen. Summer 2014 she graduated, Cum Laude and works since then as a Scenographer and free artist in the Netherlands and in Germany. “I want to mix up the predefined rules and associations every space and material comes along with, I combine live images with pre-recorded pictures, chaos with order, squares with circles and presence with absence. Nothing is total in live, everything is relative and just an interpretation, one truth of many depending on your perspective."